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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i tune my fretless guitar?

The tunning system is same with fretted guitar E,A,D,G,B,E. Of course you can use open tunings.Generally in Turkey people tune their fretless guitar major3rd lower starting from “D” it sounds more like “oud” but i prefer 440khz “A”.

Which strings do i have to use flat wound or normal?

It depends on your choice of course.Both sounds different ,i prefer normal strings to have more sustain but if you are looking for a round tone try flat wound strings.

Is it possible to play Chords on fretless guitar?

This is the most difficult issue of playing fretless.The answer is “Yes” you can play chords.Of course you need to find new positions for every chord.Barre playing is very hard you have to use more open strings for an open sounds.

Do i have to use compressor pedal for more sustain and stable tone ?

Compressor gives more sustain and balance to your sound.Fretted guitar is balanced than fretless and if your neck is not stable you can have different pressure points on the neck. And compressor will help you a lot.

Do i need to play fretted guitar before i play fretless?

You must play fretted guitar ! You need to understand the technique and positions first on fretted.Than you can switch easily to fretless.

How can i understand the Micro Tones (chomas)?

Its really hard to understand by ear.You need to transcribe improvisations of Oud,Tanbur,Baglama. Hearing microtones can be improved slowly but if you can hear them you feel free to play fretless guitar.