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fretless guitar lessons

This is a website that you can find lessons, studies and backing tracks to improve your fretless guitar skills.

I want to talk about fretless guitar, it is the youngest member of the guitar family and its styles and techniques is not fully stabilized yet, especially when compared to the fretted guitar.

We will give examples from Turkish music time to time in here, but this site is NOT a Turkish music education site. Kindly, don’t be in this expectation. Maybe in future, we will record some videos with the masters who knows Turkish music even more well than me.

But my aim is; doing something about how to improve techniques to play this instrument that we called as “guitar”.

It’s very important for me to use whole functions and scale of the guitar.

Because, this instrument is a guitar, if you do not assume this instrument as a guitar i do not think that you will be able to serve to this instrument, if you feel it like tambur, oud, baglama.

While you are looking the content of this site, i think you will understand my purpose.


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